Ferplast Ferret Cage, Grey

Regular price $548.99

Furet Tower: a real large home for your ferrets! Made from sturdy varnished wire net structure, complete with plastic base and columns, the habitat features a vertical double-floor structure giving your pets the possibility to move and play freely. Included, you will find many specific accessories: plastic shelves and ladders, tubes for exercise, feeder and drinking bottle, as well as a hammock and a useful corner toilet where your rodent could do his business in total quiet. The plastic tubes are also useful to connect the cage different levels. Furet Tower is equipped with wheels for easy moving. Easy to maintain like all Ferplast cages, it has useful large opening doors while the bottom can be detached for maintenance. Sold in a save-space package. Choose the model in compliance with your pet's size.

  • Robust vertical structure
  • Wheels for easy moving
  • Special accessories for ferrets
  • Supplied in save space packing