Brookside Soft Jersey Mattress Protector - Waterproof and Dust Mite Proof

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Soft and Lightweight
Hypoallergenic jersey fabric offers a soft, breathable way to protector your mattress without adding bulk. This lightweight protector is made from 100 percent polyester jersey material, adding the coziness of your favorite t shirt to your sleep surface.

Blocks Accidents and Allergens
A waterproof lamination barrier backs soft jersey fabric, creating a quiet protective layer that prevents fluids and dust mites from reaching your mattress. Vinyl-free materials are safe for children.

Care Instructions
This protector helps to keep your mattress clean and stain free. To keep the protector clean, machine wash using mild detergent and tumble dry on low heat with other bedding. Drying at high temperatures or using bleach or whitening detergents may damage waterproof barrier. Do not iron or dry clean.

This product is backed by a 10-year warranty from the manufacturer. Surface: 100 percent polyester, Backing: 100 percent polyurethane

  • Soft jersey fabric with a waterproof backing that prevents the passage of fluids, dust mites and common allergens
  • Fitted protector has a knit skirt with elastic that stretches to accommodate most mattresses
  • Easy care protector can be machine washed and dried on low heat
  • Vinyl-free waterproof backing is safe for kids
  • Full protector measurements: 54" x 75"