Best Price Memory Foam Mattress

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Size:Twin |  Style Name:8-Inch

Memory foam provides a great sleeping surface. In normal temperatures it is somewhat firm, but when you lay down , it starts reacting to the temperature of your body and begins to mold itself to your shape. Then, weight is evenly distributed along the surface, relieving pressure points and helping you to sleep more without tossing and turning. MATTRESS FACTS: Rich Poly-Jacquard fabric cover. 10-Year Warranty

  • Memory foam with Green Tea, Charcoal and Natural Castor Oil which minimizes chemical odor and growth of bacteria in a natural way
  • Pressure relief foam eliminates pressure points
  • Natural Green Tea Extract and Active Charcoal are infused for a natural odor protectant
  • Real bamboo fibers used for the construction of the cover. CertiPUR-US Certified / 10-year limited warranty
  • 2" Memory Foam+2" Pressure Relief Foam (Air flow Cool Foam)+4" Supportive Layer