Best Price Mattress 10" Air Flow Memory Foam Mattress

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10-In air flow memory foam mattress Best Price Mattress air flow memory foam mattress is one of our latest innovations. As you lie down, the top memory foam layer begins to conform to your body shape and redistribute your weight evenly by relieving pressure points where needed including head, shoulders, hips and feet while 2nd layer of air-flow soft foam allows increased air flow to keep you cooler and your mattress fresher. Why air flow? Best Price Mattress air flow mattress features a layer of soft foam with convoluted design, which is engineered to allow increased air flow, helping the mattress breathe. Enhanced ventilation can also help mediate trapped body heat. Foam layers each layer works its part to provide Best Price Mattress’ signature comfort that’s simply unbeatable, especially at our prices. Top: 2-in of premium memory foam that contours around your body for superior comfort Middle: 2-in of air flow soft foam

  • Layers:2-in body-conforming memory foam, 2-in air-flow foam, 6-in HD support foam
  • Convoluted design optimizes Air flow for a deeper rejuvenating sleep
  • Responsive memory foam is engineered for superior pressure-relieving support
  • Certified by CertiPUR-US for performance, emissions and environmental stewardship
  • 10-year manufacturer warranty