Miracle Blanket Swaddling Baby Blanket - Grey Colors

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Color:Forest Owls

Being a new parent can be challenging enough without adding sleep deprivation to it. The Miracle Blanket is the secret to a happy, well-rested baby, as well as a well-rested Mom and Dad. The Miracle Blanket, which is recommended by hundreds of Pediatricians and other medical professionals, has been proven to extend sleep periods between feedings by preventing night movement and separation anxiety; thus allowing Mom and Dad a greater duration for sleep. Your baby will sleep longer and deeper with the Miracle Blanket. The Miracle Blanket is the only true swaddling blanket that guarantees its effectiveness. It also makes nightime breastfeeding easier; allows you to swaddle the arms in multiple positions; and has no buttons, snaps, zippers, or Velcro(R) that can scratch, irritate or wake up the baby.

  • Help your baby go to sleep within minutes and for longer durations
  • Calms crying and fussiness for ALL babies
  • Helps keep babies on their back as recommended by the AAP
  • Allows easy diaper changes without waking the baby
  • Prevents twitching, startling, facial scratches, and even the strongest babies stay swaddled during sleep